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(2007 – 2008)

A supernova is extremely luminous and the same can be said of the big cities of our days. The extreme light from these cities are visible from space and the light pollution makes the night sky look pale and boring with the few visible stars loosing the battle for visibility. At the same time tourists from around the world congregate at Times Square to take in the enormous multi giga watt light show unable to see the Milky Way. Actually three-fourths of Americans grow up never having seen the Milky Way which probably can be translated to many of the so called developed countries, the man made neon light show have replaced the natural wonder of the brilliant night sky.

Astronomers have called for limits to our night-sky pollution because it affects their ability to study and learn from the Celestial Bodies. Around the globe many of the most important research observatories built during the last century are now severely compromised by light pollution and some of them virtually useless today. But light pollution is about much more than astronomy. It is also disturbing fragile natural ecosystems – from sea turtle nesting in Florida to migrating birds in Toronto and trees in urban parks. Some also suggest that the lack of darkness affects human health. Like a supernova we might burn out to fast unless we change.

This series was made in New York City during a two-year period, but could have been shot in any major city around the world.

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