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Image usage and licensing
My work is licensed under a Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND.
That means you can use the images under the following terms:

1. Your usage is non-commercial.
2. You credit the images to Peter Misfeldt.
3. You don't make any changes or alterations to the images.

You can read more about this particular Creative Commons License here.

You can copy and paste the images directly from this website and use them in blog postings, articles, and on nonprofit websites under the terms above.
You may not use the images on a for-profit company's website for any reason.

My work is availabe in high resolution for publishing in printed or on-line magazines.
Please contact me to discuss details: info@petermisfeldt.com

If you are interested in using my images and the above doesn't cover how you like to use them, please contact me: info@petermisfeldt.com
Please note that I do not license high-resolution versions of images to be printed. For information on purchasing a print please contact me at the above e-mail.