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Peter Misfeldt
Born 1966 in Georgetown, British Guiana. Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 2004 I picked up a digital camera in order to photograph my paintings, but little did I know it was going to change my approach to making art. I had previously played around with polaroids, SX-70 and the like, and upon getting the digital camera I quickly began to explore the possibilities outside my studio and slowly but steady the camera replaced the brush and pixels and prints replaced the paint and canvas. Now many camera bodies later I'm entirely devoted to photography and travels extensively in order to pursue my visions of the world. Much of my time is spent in the American Southwest where I hike and backpack into the remote and desolate backcountry with just the essentials and my camera.


Solo Exhibitions
2008 “Supernova City” Galleri Sonne, Copenhagen
2006 Nakke Hage Gallery, Copenhagen
2005 "New Works", Python Gallery, Copenhagen
2004 "Jesus Christ Is Coming To Town", COBRA-rummet ved Sophienholm, Denmark
2004 "Huntsville Diary", St. Jacobi, Hamburg
2002 “All Power To The People”, Jyllands-Postens Forhal, Copenhagen
2002 ”Huntsville Diary”, Vejle Bibliotek, Denmark
2002 ”Best American Ribs”, Byggeriets Hus, Copenhagen
2001 “Huntsville Diary”, JP Gallery, Copenhagen
2001 “A Collection of Previously Unreleased Record Covers”, Vega, Copenhagen

Group Exhibitions
2011"Friends VI" Galleri Gl. Lejre, Denmark
2009 ”Invasion” Rumkammerat, Copenhagen
2008 “Kunstens Køtere” Galleri Rebecca Kormind, Copenhagen
2008 Galerie Stokkebro
2008 1034 Art Gallery, Hillerød, Denmark
2007 Charlottenborg Forårsudstillingen, Copenhagen
2006 Jytte Arntzen Gallery, Copenhagen
2006 1034 Gallery, Hillerød, Denmark
2005 Halcyon, New York City
2005 "Take Away", Python Gallery, Copenhagen
2004 "Christmas show", Galerie Egelund, Copenhagen
2004 "3 Københavnere ser rødt", Hoffmann Kunsthandel, Sønderborg, Denmark
2003 "Fragility" Python Gallery, Copenhagen
2003 “Money Without Limits”, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
2002 “Senses”, Python Gallery, Copenhagen
2002 “DKFL”, Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg, Denmark
2002 ”Kick it“, Lichtmaschine, Hamburg
2002 “Huntsville Diary” (excerpt) The Danish National Gallery, The Library, Copenhagen
2002 “Kick It”, Magma Gallery, London
2001 Galerie PI, Copenhagen
2001 “Lovable Creatures”, Python Gallery, Copenhagen
2001 “Ground Zero”, JP Gallery, Copenhagen
2000 Art Copenhagen 2000
2000 Marius Vrontos Gallery, Copenhagen
2000 “Amorphous”, Märkbar, Copenhagen
1999 “Njalsgade Zoo, Ten Windows, Ten Pieces, Ten Artists, Ten Days”, Copenhagen
1999 Nordenvind Gallery, Sæby, Denmark
1998 Base Camp Holmen, Copenhagen
1998 “Njalsgade Zoo”, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

2006 "Outlaw" (exhibition catalogue 2006)
2001 “Huntsville Diary” (ArtProduction 2001 - ISBN 87-91021-02-2)
2001 “Artwork - Volume One” (ArtProduction 2001 - ISBN 87-91021-01-4)
2000 “Amorphous” (ArtProduction 2000 - ISBN 87-91021-00-6)
2000 “A Collection of Previously Unreleased Record Covers” (exhibition catalogue 2000)
1998 “Njalsgade Zoo - An Art Exhibition” (exhibition catalogue 1998)

2001 The Copenhagen Cultural Foundation
2001 Amnesty International

2002 Poster design for Amnesty International
2000 Record cover design for the American Hip Hop Band Aphillyation